The Collective Works


Eberron Dragonshard Words

Where the Death Queen walks, sleepers will awaken
The Past Forgotten, Crown restored, the Mantle donned

Carnot’s Children Song

Twenty boys and girls, around they go,
With the sun on their backs and the light in their souls.
But one night, they dreamt an evil dream,
Of darkness and of unspeakable woe!
So much that their moms and dad cried “No!”
And the boys and girls remained ever in the dream!

The village wept and cried,
And the parents beat their chest and asked “Why!”
Up the hill, they went to ask the Wise Woman,
The Wisest of them all and this she did scry,
A wicked witch with a jewel black as Night!
Staring right at her from beyond the moor!

So it came that two brothers took their swords,
Righty and Lefty they were called,
Into the darkened forest, fast they ran,
Over streams, under hills, through evils they fought,
But a slip, a fall, and Righty was caught!
How evil a night when the witch prepared, table for one, a feast so grand!

Lefty swung and swung, in sad cries it rung!
Under a fallen tree, beside a brook, in mud they clung,
A shirt, a pouch, and a broken sword.
How Lefty cried, and to the broken blade he sung.
Until the evil witch came, and what evil curses she flung,
So with all his might, Lefty swung, the broken blade that wasn’t his sword.

Swift come the cut, and off came the witch’s head
Down and down, into a pool of mud there it laid,
And Lefty ran into her dirty cave,
Lo and behold! A black gem on an unkempt bed!
Lefty swiftly put the gem beneath his blade,
And with a mighty shout, shattered it on the floor of the cave.

Twenty boys and girls around they go,
With the sun on their faces, and light in their souls.
But Lefty and Righty never once came home.
And in the village square the Wise Woman did grow,
Two flowers, a yellow and a blue and oh how they glow,
Shining their light in a place called home.

The Collective Works

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