Emerald Claw

The Order of the Emerald Claw is an organization that saw its reputation gone from one exalted in Karrnath, to one reviled by the selfsame crown that it serves. Its members were praised for bravery, innovation, and tenacity though at the same time, the Order was known to flaunt war-time regulations and tradition. Late in the Last War, Regent Moranna renounced affiliation to the Order and destroyed all known cell groups. She exiled the Order, excusing them of fomenting treason. Though driven underground, the soldiers of the Emerald Claw remain a powerful force in Khovaire, and they continue to work for unknown cause.


During the Last War, mismanagement of national resources plunged Karrnath into a period of devastating famine. Coupled with pestilence, the Karrnathi army was all but decimated. The weakened Karrnath could only watch as her enemies prepare to bring her down. Almost miraculously, an autonomous army of warriors, self named the Order of the Emerald Claw emerged, fighting on Karrnathi fronts and almost against all odds. Their heroic spread across the land like the plague and the crown was quick to laud them and make official the Order. These self-styled knights were unlike the established Karrnathi officers, employing unorthodox and nontraditional methods of warfare, and on numerous occasions, conducting guerilla warfare and terrorism tactics. That the Order was given full autonomy rattled the Karrnathi generals more as they were unable to control them in terms of discipline. But still the Karrnathi generals grudgingly admit to the ferocity and the devotion the Order knights fought, often sacrificing themselves to turn impossible battles to their favor.

During the late years of the War, Regent Moranna decreed that the Order of the Emerald Claw was to be outlawed and withdrew all royal support and sanction of their activities. Her actions intensified the growing rumours that the Order of the Emerald Claw was an organization made to undermine Karrnath. With one fell swoop, Regent Moranna drove the once honorable Order underground.

Despite the fallout with the Crown, the Order of the Emerald Claw still claims that they operate with Karrnath’s best interest in mind. Now that they are without the law, they can resort to more efficient, criminal methods to drive home their political manifest.

Leadership: The Order in later years is rumoured to be led by a mysterious figure known the Queen of Death, one of the mightiest necromancers to ever walk the world. Beneath her rules the Crimson Covenant, who consist of the warlords and generals, and some rumoured are the original founders of the Order granted unto unlife.

Headquarters: Throughout the Last War, the Order was well established within Karrnath, having many bases and strongholds in most of the nation’s population centres. But Regent Moranna, and later, King Kaius III forcibly shut them down or repurposed them for the government. That the Order is still incredible active speaks of the effective of the purge.

“The agents of the Emerald Claw are indeed a thorn in our side. While they claim to further the cause of Karrnathi interests, not even the Karrns themselves know what those interests are. Indiscriminate bombings, assassinations of prominent parliament members, kidnappings and hijacking of supply lines, why, the once noble Order is nothing but a consortium of villains offering an illusion of a justification. That Regent Moranna outlawed them and loosed the army on them was probably the wisest thing she had done in her rule.”

- Agent “Eladaris”, Retired Royal Eye of Aundair

Emerald Claw

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