Broken Link

”... And with her flesh, she called upon Onatar, He Whose Forge Sprung Forth, and wrought the binds that would hold the being that was Agbhad. Ten chains they spun, each anchored to an element, each anchored to a world; Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Metal, Light, Darkness, Wood, Life, Death. Ten links on each chain, ten guardians for each link. And when Onatar, He Who Wept Fire, stopped his industry, the sung a song of victory and hope.”

- Excerpt from “The Acaraus Scroll” on the binding of Agbhad.
canto XVI, verse XI – XX


The Broken Link is thought to be a relic from the Demon Age. At the binding of the Demon Overlord Barixtrequsaar, also known as Agbhad, myths have it that two couatls sacrificed themselves to Onatar, the Soul Forger, from which he fashioned ten chains, each of ten links. The Broken Link is said to be from a chain that broke off when Agbhad fought especially hard against the bindings. Nonetheless, The Broken Link is thought to contain the raw stuff of creation infused with divine essence .

The Story So Far…

The Broken Link was housed within the Monastery of the Sundered Chain. When a terrible raid by orcs and orogs all but massacred the monks of the Sundered Chain, the survivors, paladin Kalad Stoutheart and acolyte Ashton Tentron retrieved the sacred relic from their vaults.

Together with the band who defeated the horde of orcs, they made for Hammerfast, where under unknown circumstances, Ashton was attacked by a band of Emerald Claw agents, demanding the relic. Once again, the relic was protected by the group, but shortly after, Kalad disappeared with the relic.

Broken Link

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