The Dark Lord of Spite

Ten days and ten nights did the battle waged on,
And He Whose Names Fill The Stars found purchase upon the foul body of the Dark Lord,
And with the Spear of Light and Life that Brought Death,
Smote the evil in darkness that was Agbhjad.

And Qeuastalcwauz, She Whose Radiant Wings Light the Sky,
Wept sorrow and pain, and lamented his passing,
And with her Tears, she washed the filth that was Agbhjad.
And with her Feathers, she wrought a curtain of ever-light to illuminate the darkness that was Agbhjad,
And with her Voice, she sung a hymn of peace to drown the damning calls of that which was Abhjad,
And with her flesh, she called upon Onatar, He Whose Forge Sprung Forth,
And wrought the binds that would hold the being that was Agbhad.

Ten chains they spun,
Each anchored to an element,
Each anchored to a world;
Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Metal, Light, Darkness, Wood, Life, Death.

Ten links on each chain, ten guardians for each link.
And when Onatar, He Who Wept Fire, stopped his industry,
He sung a song of victory and hope.

– “The Acaraus Scroll” on the binding of Agbhad. canto XVI.


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