Cindersoul, Swordmage / Wizard Hybrid


Languages and Scripts Known:

  • Giant
    • Davek
  • Common
    • High Galifar (proficient)
    • Ibari1 (requires a little effort)

1 Ibari is the script of Common evolved from High Galifar.


A cindersoul born in an isolated genasi village in the jungles of Xen’drik. As a child he was shunned and bullied for his abyssal nature, even his parents preferred to keep him at arms length. His only companion was his twin sister, Janna. Eventually the day came when he was cast out of the village into exile, apparently capable enough to survive on his own. It was no surprise that Janna followed her brother into the hostile jungle without a second thought, she was his self appointed protector, few contended with her natural affinity for storm magic.

Together they wandered and learned, from Xen’drik to Khorvaire. Their wanderings weren’t fruitless however, they were taught the arcane arts, Jett wanted to purge the touch of the abyss from his soul and Janna wanted to control her flaring sorcerous power. Jett was never satisfied with his knowledge, always yearning for more, his bitterness and resentment forever pushing him on. In a few short years they learned what others could only hope to achieve from decades of hard work.

At their last academy they were almost turned away, but a frail old man watching from the side saw a familiarity in Jett that made him speak out, his voice boomed across the courtyard, the academy master had just taken on new apprentices, an event that hadn’t happened in decades. Their new master was different to their previous ones, he treated the twins not as simple students but as family, from him Jett learned sword magic and respect. The twins were not liked by others at the academy, they bumped heads with numerous other students and even the teachers, all were envious of their favor with the academy master. But their came a sad day when the old master lay dying on his bed, the twins at his side, here he bequeathed his family blade to Jett, a sunblade. Within moments of the old master’s last breath and the twins stepping outside his chambers however, the other academy magi demanded the twins’ departure.

On the same day the twins departed, city records say witnesses outside the academy saw a great flaming cyclone explode from within and consume the entire complex, leaving only ashes. Nobody knows the cause of the catastrophe.

When asked about the sword’s origins, both twins will smile sadly and only say that it was passed down from their father. If questioned about the academy disaster however the twins will respond with cold menacing glares, the hungry crackle of an escalating inferno and the roar of a storm.

Today they go where they please, mercenaries in the employ of the highest bidder.


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