Partner of Carrick Stol, a reputed powerful necromancer

“Delores, that very name makes me shudder. I do not claim to have seen her with me own eyes, but I’m sure, if I do, I would not be standing here, having a belly warming chat with ya. They say her eyes are like ice, and pierce ya soul, that she’d do. After cutting yar body open like a flop-bellied fish. That or the other first. Whichever she likes.”

Dur Beldioger, Hammerfast watchman

Delores is the partner and lover of Carrick Stol, and a powerful necromancer. She masqueraded as Selora ir’Methas ever since the company left the dwarven town of Hammerfast. Her prowess as a necromancer was revealed during the fight on the Antagonist , with the Shadow Gem augmenting her mastery over the dark powers.



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