Carrick Stol

Emerald Claw Field Marshal

Carrick Stol, now that’s a man I ‘at I pay any gold to get me hands on. Grungni’s! I’d even sell me bonny lass to sink o’ Whopper here into ‘is skull!

- Soigan Grudgebinder, Hammerfast watchman

Standing at five feet two, Carrick Stol seems like a small, slight man, but the scars that mar the ebony skin on his face speak of his fighting prowess. Many of those who cross his path know that his swordskills are nothing to be scoffed at.


An Emerald Claws sergeant during the war, the name of Carrick Stol has gained certain amount of fame in his exploits with his partner and possibly lover, Delores. After the proclamation by Regent Morana renouncing all ties with the Order, Carrick and Delores continued to be active in the Emerald Claw, their once questionable methods now turned wholly criminal.

Carrick Stol

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