College of Arcane Learnings

A relatively small college located in Vulyar, Ventas is the pride of joy of the Darna Foundation, a secular organization that sought to establish a centre of learning to rival that of the Arcane Congress. Sadly, despite the popularity of the Temple of Sethabti between the Karrns, the establishment of The Tower of Twelve and the founding of the Rekkenmark Academy did all but demolish the growing college.

Despite the the dwindling enrollments and the pressure from the Vulyar Town Council to repurpose the large academy complex, Ventas is home to at least four faculties of staff and students. The faculties are:

School of Thaumaturgic Studies

The school of Thaumaturgic studies focuses on the fields of transmutation, evocation, abjuration and conjuration. The Head of School is a Professor Mahy Warieve, a master in Transmutational magic.

School of Arcano-biology

This school focuses study and research into the interaction of arcane energies with biological samples. The school obtains funding from House Valadis, but after a scandal involving a team of warforgeds and the now exiled Professor Gilgiga Jo, the Vulyar Town Council and the Twelve has placed strict restrictions on the school. The Head of School, Professor Ishtaur Mar promises that the live experimentation on sentient beings will not occur again. As a side note, She enjoys her lunch walks around the campus with her two pet clawfeet.

School of Planar Studies

This faculty of Ventas is possibly the second smallest and the most eccentric of all faculties. There has been many diplomatic incidents resulting for the misdemeanor of a certain lecturer, Professor Sekrr Taeria regarding her interests and her experiments with eladrins and the plane of Thelanis (Feywild). The school’s student population amount to one of the highest foreign population in Vulyar, with about forty to fifty students originating for abroad. There are also at least three eladrin students who are suspected to hail from Zilargo. Professor Sekrr Taeria considers this a sign of healthy diversity.

School of Advanced Studies

A school for the graduates of Ventas who wish to further their studies beyond magewrights and possibly earn a place within the upper levels of the Arcane Congress. The smallest school of Ventas, the School of Advanced Studies is responsible for a number of important research applicable to the nearby Fort Bones and Fort Zombie.

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Several rules to remember when meeting Professor Ishtaur Mar:

Do NOT Panic!
The male is Boy and the female is Girly.
Do NOT feed the Clawfoots Clawfeet
Do NOT run. They will chase.
Do NOT fart. They will bite.

- Signboard before the office of Professor Ishtaur Mar”


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