Sundered Chain

The Monastery of the Sundered Chain stands stoically against the harsh weathers of the Endworld Mountains. Located just south of the Mror Holds, the monastery is reputed to be the resting place of a sacred relic from Onatar. While it was popular with pilgrims in the past, recent years have seen a dearth in visitors from the Mror Holds.

The dwarven city of Hammerfast nearby provides the isolated monastery with the essentials.

Excerpt from the Korranberg Chronicle

Zarantyr 21 YK 997: ... the Monastery fell to a vicious orc raid. The two survivors; Forgemaster Kalad Stoutheart and Acolyte Ashton Stormfist reported that the raid was executed mercilessly and methodically, and amongst the raiders were Orogs, brutish half orcs half ogres, terrible mistakes possessed with a murderous mind and a tremendous might. They speculate that the raiding party might have crossed the Endworld Mountains from Q’barra.

According to Forgemaster Kalad, he and Acolyte Stormfist were saved by a band of wanderers who happened upon the Monastery when the raid occurred. While the two dwarves are extremely grateful to their saviours, many within Forgetemple question the precise timing of this coincidence. It has been rumoured these selfsame wanderers were involved in the deaths within the Prancing Pony in the Trade ward and that Captain of the Ironhands, Captain Carnot Proudbeard has since taken them into custody. The Captain, however, has refused to comment on the situation until an investigation team returns from the Monastery,

Reporter Theodore Ambershard

Sundered Chain

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