Rules Clarification

This is just a list of rules clarifications that will inevitably occur as we continue playing D&D. Even rules discussion not related to the game, but involves the group will be listed here:

Magic Missile 1.11: You Are (Not) An Attack
The new Magic Missile is considered an attack. In fact, my ruling will be, anything that deals damage, unless the damage has a static source, like an aura, walls or terrain effects, the power that is the source of the damage is an attack.

A simpler explanation is this: Because the “4E” Magic Missile is an attack, this is also an attack, despite not having to roll.

Immediate Actions
There was no contention over this ruling, but just some clarification.
There are two types of Immediate Actions: Immediate Interrupt, and Immediate Reaction.

Immediate Interrupt
Occurs before the triggering action can be resolved. Opportunity attacks are classified as Immediate Interrupts.

Immediate Reaction
Occur after the triggering action has been resolved, but before subsequent movement actions are performed. Therefore, in the case of Taruk Denkas, his funnels could hit a rogue that’s using Hit and Run before the shifting part of the power, and thus, push him away and make him prone.

Opportunity Attacks
Classified as Immediate Interrupts, but do not count as Interrupts for the purpose of 1 Immediate Action per Turn. However, like Immediate Actions, you can only perform Opportunity Attacks during other combatant’s turn, not on yours.

Rules Clarification

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