Sovereign of Fire and Forge

Onatar is the the god of the forge, of craft and industry. He is the fire of creation and without him, civilization would not come to exist. The god of invention, Onatar is the patron sovereign of smiths, artisans, inventors, and above all, the dwarfs. Onatar brings fiery hope in the form of divine inspiration and the will to improve.

To the dwarfs, Onatar is also called Moradin, the Soul Forger, the Soul Father. Dwarven creation myths tells of Onatar crafting the dwarfs in his likeness and then igniting the flame of life in them. He then taught them the forge and the anvil, and instilled them with the flame of curiosity and experimentation.

Onatar’s exults in the creation of things, rather than sacrifices. Hence, most of Onatar’s temples are barely disguised workshops or wright forges. While the purist will argue that the clergy of Onatar should strive to perfect his particular art of creation, others argue that the shops and galleries that often accompany the temples provide the clergy with sustained revenue, though they do agree that the items are oft overpriced just for a blessing from Onatar.

The husband of Olladra and the father of Kol Korran and the Keeper, Onatar is often portrayed as dwarven smith and occasionally as a brass dragon.

Notable Locations:

“From the Fire I have been made,
Shaped from the rock and stone where we stand.
In the Fire I’ve been tempered,
Burn the dross but the Iron remains,
Through the Fire I’ve gained Light,
His will sets our souls afire.
With the Fire I shall make,
To His name, I pay this homage, my spirit Aflame.

Old Onatar prayer


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