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Here, magic runs through the air as elemental galleons cruised through cloudless skies and railway carriages speed towards their destinations. Here, centuries of war festered incurable wounds between nations and their people, their feuds and political sparring continuing under the all encompassing shroud of diplomacy. Here, different races eke out their lives as best they know; halfings ranging through the vast Talenta plains upon the backs of their faithful clawfeet, the elves of Aeranal silent in their meditation halls as they seek wisdom from their twice mummified ancestors.

Eberron; here, adventure lies.


- The cast of the game

- The game sessions

- A collection of quests and missions

- Locales in the game

- More about the nations of Khoviare

- Organizations that the characters encounter

- Scattered information in the campaign, such as the words of prophecy.

- An index to terms, names and other vocabulary unique to Eberron and the campaign.

Main Page

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