House Sivis

“Words are Power my friend. And whoever that controls the mouth… Well, you know where true power lies now”

-Celälas Theofel, Eladrin shadow-wright

The gnomes of Zil have always maintained their neutrality in the affairs of the Five Nations. And no other organization better epitomizes this than House Sivis. The gnomes bearing the Mark of Scribing are masters of communication. An arcane mark of a Sivis bearer proves the veracity of a Kundarak letter of credit; it was House Sivis that invented the first speaking stones. Working as mediators, translators, and messengers for long-distance communication, despite their stance of neutrality, the heirs of House Sivis have played an intricate and important role in the Last War. Though it can be said that it was the technological advancements credited to House Sivis that brought nations together, some fear the messages and secrets the House might have been privy to during their services.

Guilds and Organizations

Notaries Guild: Overseeing the services tied to the written word, the Notaries Guild producing legal documents, licensing, and most important of all, authenticating letters of credit for House Kundarak. It is also a publication house on many topics. Most prominent of all is Aureon Press, a subdivision of the Notaries Guild that focuses on the production and the printing of arcane ritual scrolls and treatises on arcane matters.

Speakers Guild: With the Law, comes the system of Trial and Punishment. While primarily a network of speaking stones and other messaging related services, the Speakers Guild is also known – or reviled – for its services as barristers and mediators. The Korranberg Bar is the first body of barristers that sought to represent anyone who wishes to employ their services in a court.

House Sivis

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