House Orien

I’m a specialist in fast, efficient delivery. I do not need or want to be told what are my cargo—the fact that I’m paid in full is sufficient knowledge for me.”

- Rikard d’Orien, Couriers Guild

The Mark of Passage bestows upon its bearers control over quick transportation and even teleportation. As such, House Orien quickly earned its place among the economic powers. No other house directly touches as many lives, whether through the lightning rail or the caravans that traverse the vast expanses of Khorvaire, or the couriers who deliver letters and packages virtually anywhere. Their trade has little glamour, and the denizens of House Orien are practical, with no patience for arrogance or conceit.

Guilds and Organizations:

Couriers Guild: This guild specializes in the delivery of small goods, including the post. The guild licenses independent messengers and couriers, and maintains an elite force trained to make deliveries into dangerous locations. The development of teleportation circles is revolutionizing the Couriers Guild.

Transportation Guild: Perhaps the largest of all the dragonmarked guilds, the Transportation Guild deals with both cargo and passengers. Tens of thousands of people work for the guild, involved from preparation of cargo, to the administration and maintenance of the lightning rail, and performing the many unseen jobs in the line of moving goods and people across Khorvaire.

Trailblazers: As a House interested in finding new routes and new pathways, the Trailblazers is a guild of scouts who explore new territories and lay down the first foundations. Many of them are active in the more exotic areas of Khovaire, and now with the destruction of Cyre, many are involved in re-opening Metrol and the trans-Cyre line of the Lightning Rail. It is also said that the Trailblazers are becoming increasing active in Sarlona and Xen’drik too.

Unicorn’s Horn: House Orien has a standing contract with Deneith mercenaries, employing them to safeguard their caravans and their warehouses, but the most important cargo are protected by elite Orien members. These are the Unicorn’s Horn. They specialize in security for high-risk situation and among them are the Hands of Orien, dragonmarked heirs trained to use the mark in combat.

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