House Lyrandar

“They used to call ‘emselves safewrights. Now, when I look at the skies and see ‘em sky ships drifting like sick fish , I wonder if the skies are truly safe.”

- Wabent of Alalba

The safewrights of House Lyrandar used to be just that, a family of half-elfs who promise a safe journey through the seas. When the Last War broke out, House Lyrandar evolved from providing a simple service, to a cooperation that rivals House Orien with the advent of the elemental ships. These days, it is hard not to see a Lyrandar sky galleon cruising through a dusky sky, or find an sea-skimmer at the docks, its elemental ring cackling with barely suppressed energy.

The invention of elemental vessels made House Lyrandar one of the most glamorous of the dragonmarked houses. The House maintains a monopoly of all such vessels; the costs of which only affordable by the military or the wealthy. Thus, House Lyrandar has access to the socially powerful figures in the Five Nations. As such, there are many that view the ‘young’ House’s rise to be premature and pure luck.

Guilds and Organizations

Windwrights Guild: The services of the Windwrights Guild often seem to be intended to rival those of House Orien. The guild provides crews, dockside support, stevedoring, repairs for seafaring and airborne ships. It also provide freight services on the elemental galleons, though through the intervention of House Orien, such services are restricted to sea-faring shipments only.

The Windwrights Guild allows independent shipping concerns to pay for the right to fly the House Lyrandar flag and to get shipping contracts directly from Windwrights trading centres. Most ship owners consider the Lyrandar flag to be a deterrent to pirates. Others are certain it wards off sea monsters and bad weather.

Raincallers Guild: Lyrandar heirs who have mastered their control of weather magic join this Guild’s army of engineers and architects whose main concern is the construction of reservoirs, aqueducts and canals. Most of the Raincallers operate outside metropolitan zones, offering their aid to agrarian communities.

Sela’s Path: Not exactly a guild by its own rights, Sela’s Path is a unique priesthood within the Lyrandar community that venerates Arawai and Kol Korran. They also advocate that the House’s founders, Lyran and Selavash are chosen Saints of the two gods.

House Lyrandar

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