House Kundarak

“It takes an anvil to shape an axe,
But gold to see the anvil first made.

Old Mror Hold proverb.

The dwarves of House Kundarak are the captains of finance and master of protective design. The bearers of the Mark of Warding originally used their powers to secure their vaults. But with much ingenuity, that power became the basis of House Kundarak’s banking system throughout Khovaire. The dwarves of this House have unparalleled expertise in constructing vaults, fortresses, and strongholds. Now bankers and moneylenders, House Kundarak is perhaps one of the most wealthiest dragonmarked Houses.

Guilds and Organizations

Banking Guild: The banks of Kundarak can be found in cities across the Five Nations and eastern Khorvaire—all magically warded and watched over by house guards. The Banking Guild administers and operate this massive operation, in tandem with moneylending and foreign exchange. It is also known to loan its services as financial advisors and forecasters to governmental cabinets to aid them in the formulation of a national budget. While they do not mint coins, the Banking Guild, however, has a vested interest and not a small amount of control in the production of coins in each nation. The guild has close working ties with House Sivis in matters of accounting and credit papers, and it liaises with House Cannith in the production of goods and the regulation of economy.

Perhaps the biggest achievement of the House is the creation of banks. Each bank is magically linked to a central vault, it’s true location known only to a select few in the world, which in turn is secured by numerous powerful Kundarak Wards. A customer who rents a safe-deposit vault can access that vault from any Kundarak bank, from the Droaamish city of Graywall to the southern port of Stormreach on Xen’drik.

Warding Guild: This guild is best known as the licensing authority for locksmiths, and warding devices by independent makers. The Guild also produces its own products, such as security shards, and presence detectors. While House Deneith guards people, House Kundarak guards things and locations.

As a subsidiary of the Warding Guild is the Golden Door. The best locksmiths and doormakers are endorsed by this guild and contracted to create palatial doors, vault doors, safes and any kind of work that demands a substantial level of security.

Iron Gate: The physical security branch of the House, the Iron Gate are elite guards trained by the House to ensure the safety of banks, vaults, museums, diamond mines, and such. The House does not outwardly hire out the services of the Iron Gate, but it’s been known that they offer their services to the higher echelons of society.

House Kundarak

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