House Ghallanda

“A simple innkeeper? Harmless and jolly? Khyber’s teeth! One can be naive but this! This is fuckin’ nonsense!”

- “Two Coins” on Anaharru d’Ghallanda, owner of the Warm Cellar inn

One of the most networked Houses in Khovaire, House Ghallanda controls more enclaves than any other dragonmarked houses, each of them lying beyond the legal reaches of the Five Nations. Entering a House Ghallanda sanctioned inn is akin to entering a veritable sanctuary – provided the tenants do not violate the rules of House Ghallanda. The halflings of House Ghallanda takes the mandate of the Mark of Hospitality very seriously.

Despite controlling that many enclaves, most enclaves are no more than an alliance of different inns. Bearing the licenses of the House of Hospitality, these inns offer the ironclad legal refuge protecting its guests. House Ghallanda enjoys universal diplomatic immunity established in the Thronehold Treaty. Coupled with a cadre of exremely well-trained veteran soldiers, the House is determined to keep its guests unmolested as long as they remain within the walls of Ghallanda.

Guilds and Organizations

Hostelers Guild: The biggest portion of House Ghallanda, the Hostelers Guild is responsible for many inns and restaurants operating across Khovaire. Others have (or are seeking) licenses from the House. A license from the Hostelers Guild adds a certain cachet and serves as a mark of quality. However, only those sanctioned with the Enclave Seal are given the full protection of House Ghallanda. The House ensures that at least one inn in every major settlement has an Enclave sanctioned inn.

Dragontail Guild: The Last War brought the House out onto the battlefield, with the Dragontail Guild providing food and shelter to armies in exchange for gold and neutrality. Since the Thronehold Treaty, House Ghallanda has been considering disbanding this guild as it no longer has a functional purpose; most national armies are garrisoned. As such, many in the Dragontail Guild have joined the Hostelers Guild, or struck out on their own as mercenaries.

House Ghallanda

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