House Deneith

“The Code of Galifar is no more, yet these relics of the olden days pursue a fractured dream. Seek as they might, Galifar is dust, crushed under the whims of its bastard children.”

- Feldiy ir’Logrum, retired General

In the past, House Deneith was known as the House that provides mercenaries and bodyguards. After the devastation wrought by the Mourning, the House’s Blademarks Guild has since gone defunct as there is insufficient Deneith warriors to keep the guild operational. Many Blademarks were deployed within Cyre during the time of Mourning, and the surviving Blademarks lament the fact that so many of their comrades perished that fateful day.

Today, members of the House guard monarchs across Khorvaire, hunt down war criminals and stand guard to the empty throne in Thronehold. Few outside House Deneith have any expectation that the monarchy of Galifar will ever be restored, but the Royal Shields seem to believe that the day will come when the Five Nations are united under a new dynasty.

Guilds and Organizations

Protectors Guild Some of the gap in House Deneith’s income has been filled by a great demand for bodyguards and garrison troops. Trade caravans, mining operations and noble families all employ the Protectors. Protectors who guard the royal family, however, undergo special elite training, and are promoted to the ranks of the Royal Shields.

Sentinel Marshals: The Last War saw the birth of many a heroes, but it also saw the rise of villains and war criminals. The Thronehold Treaty has tasked House Deneith with the hunt of war criminals, bestowing upon the Sentinel Marshals a diplomatic immunity in their pursuit.

House Deneith

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