House Cannith

“It is as though the world holds it breath for fear that the delicate balance should shift and crumble, ushering a new Day of Mourning upon us.”

House Cannith Chronicler and Lord Sensechal

The Mark of Making first appeared among human traveling tinkers and artisans of the Cannith clan of Cyre almost 2,500 years ago. Since then, House Cannith has made indelible changes to life on Eberron. The inventors of House Cannith continually blend magic with the mundane. The result of their endeavors can be seen throughout Khovaire; their collaboration with House Orien and elemental binders of Zilargo produced the marvel that is the lightning rail; their experiments with House Lyrander saw the invention of the elemental galleons; their efforts with House Sivis established the vast network of message stations that facilitates cross-continental communication. It is little wonder that House Cannith rose to great prominence in lieu of their products.

But one invention of House Cannith overshadows their prided projects – the creation of the Warforged. As such, every warforged will inevitably have some connection to the house, for each Warforged is created in the forgehold of House Cannith.

Guilds and Organizations:

House Cannith runs two guilds that reap much profit from the Last War, that is until the Mourning.

Fabricators Guild: Operating at a street level, the Fabricators Guild runs shops and stores that produce all manner of mundane equipment, many of which are household products functioning with a touch of Cannith magic. The seal of the Three Headed Gorgon – that of which is the House’s symbol – is a mark of quality assurance and can be found on items such as horseshoes, to iron presses, to balances and even bedroom lamps.

Tinkers Guild: Harkening back to the family’ original profession, Tinkers are wandering artificers who employ their speciality and knowledge to repair and augment items in villages and towns. The House claims that every House member has to undergo a period of tinkering, maintaining that the wandering life is a extremely good form of character-building, and could better induct the member into what the world needs and what they can do as inventors. Much of Cannith’s popularity can be attributed to periodic visits from Cannith tinkers.

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House Cannith

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