Dramatis Personae


Aramil d’Orien
An Eldarin with the Dragon Mark of Passage, caught in a no-man’s land between the Human House Orien and fellow Eladrins.
Race: Eladrin
Titles: Raging Whirlwind

Cynthia Shade
Once a prostitute in a small town, Cynthia’s bodily lusts has been honed into a lust for revenge.
Race: Elf
Titles: -

Janna of Xen’drik
Exiled, shunned, hunted, these are the words that hound the twins Kanna and Jett.
Race: Genasi
Titles: Alien

Jett of Xen’drik
A cindersoul who loathes his abyssal taint, Jett embarks on a lifelong quest to purify himself.
Race: Genasi
Titles: Alien

Sidnar of Reven
A priest of Aureon who seeks more than just ancient knowledge.
Race: Human
Titles: Pacifist

Kalad Stoutheart
Ashton Stormfist

Carnot Proudbeard

Carrick Stol
Tarut Denkas
General Shah Nephabti
General Atankhabti Dis
The Malefic
Queen of Death

Irae d’Orien
Dalya d’Orien
Theis Prose
Mahy Warieve
Sekrr Taeria
Selora ir’Methas
Tarrus Markus

Bishop Nekhenti Asoth
Jurian ir’Strarik
Sobum d’Deneith
Ectaris d’Orien
Galadhed d’Orien
Little Wolf

Nis, the Old Crone
Hesdred d’Orien

Siena d’Orien
Caroc, “The Patron”

Dramatis Personae

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