Cyre was the future; at the height of the Kingdom of Galifar, Cyre was the land of arcane dreams made manifest. Cyre was known as the Purple Jewel in Galifar’s Crown, Wondrous Cyre. But when the Last War broke out after the death of King Jorat, the Purple Jewel was fractured by the many battles waged on its soil.

Notable Locations:


Led by the legitimate heir to the Throne of Galifar, Mishann ir’Wynarn, the country was first beset on all borders by the alliance of Breland, Karrnath and Thrane. A powerful diplomatic move by Mishann introduced the Valenar warbands to the Cyrian armies. The alliance of convenience quickly broke down and the other four nations fought to gain control of the crown.

When the Valenar warlord Shearas Vadallia declared himself High King of Valenar and carved out a portion of Cyre to claim as land for his people, Cyre seemed ready to fall once again. This time around, House Cannith presented to the flailing nation the Warforged. And by the strength of the sentient construct, Cyre survived the vicious attacks on its flanks.


But even then, the path of war continued to trample its way towards the pristine city of Metrol. Most recently, there have been rumours that Queen Dannel ir’Wynarn and her advisors have planned for a major new offensive that will turn the tables and throw back the invaders. Well it is not known what the charismatic queen has in mind for the world, it is a well known fact that Queen Dannel has revived the legacy of arcane prowess within Cyre, and its colleges and academies are bursting with students and arcane potentials.


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