Theis Prose

Dark Lanterns


“Who are you?”
“Theis Prose.”
“I am Theis Prose. He is Theis Prose. We are Theis Prose.”

Theis Prose of the Antagonist to Sidnar

Theis’ hard angular face belies his friendly nature. A rather big man, his time in Vulyar has softened the man such that he is nursing a healthily growing paunch. There is no doubt that the man was once part of the military, but his demeanor says he’s left it all behind him now.

Despite that, Theis Prose of Vulyar is still the cold hard killer he was when he was still an active Dark Lantern, if not, even more deadly. He has since taken down a dozen or so enemy spies after he settled in Vulyar.

During the events on the Antagonist , it is revealed that the name Theis Prose is a codename employed by the Dark Lanterns. A safe-name to indicate to the King’s Dark Lanterns that their contact is an ally of Breland.

Theis Prose (Antagonist) on the other hand, is a slight and slim build man. His viridescent eyes tinged with a little bronze belie his changeling nature.


The Biographies of the various Theis Proses encountered are of strict confidential material.

Theis Prose

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