Selora ir'Methas

Merchant Princess of Ghalt


“Ir’Methas? Indeed, they pose much of a threat to the Consortium. Their dabbling into the drow culture is reprehensible, disgusting if I dare say so myself. Dreamshit? Trust their plebeian nature to concoct such a name. But then again, ask yourself. What can one textile tyrant do to confederacy of trade princes such as I?”

- Gahimor ir’Clamonde, merchant prince.

Born to the merchant prince Bardred ir’Methas, Selora was the star child of Ghalt. Her grace and personality smote many a young men, and the political advantage a marriage into her family yielded only made having her hand that more desirable.

Though a half-elf, Selora seemed to inherit more of her mother’s elvish lineage, her features sharper and more refined. When Sidnar last saw her in at the Amber Temple in Aundair more than seven years ago, Selora was heavy with a child. Now, seven later, at the edge of civilization, Selora looked exactly like she did back then.


Shortly after the birth of her child, Selora had a terrible horse riding accident. The fall fractured the merchant princess’ spine and rendered her legs useless for the rest of her life. The House of ir’Methas endeavors to maintain this fact as a rumour, employing several changelings, as well as skilled actors to masquerade as Selora on her travels around Khovaire.

Delores perhaps murdered one of Selora’s body double and took on the facade herself.

Selora ir'Methas

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