Sekrr Taeria

The Lunatic. Planar magic expert in Ventas


“Sekrr is a genius, one bordering on the fringes of insanity and doesn’t mind tripping off to mad-land for a while. Despite been shut in a slum-hole like Ventas, Sekrr undoubtedly rivals any of those in Arcanix or the Twelve in her expertise in all things planar. Heck, she even has something to prove it! On her!”

- Professor Morgaidan Parud, Ventas, College of Arcane Learning.

Sekrr Taeria is a razorclaw shifter woman with a body who fits more within a strip joint in Sharn than shut away in a laboratory in Vulyar. Regardless of the passes than many have given her, Sekrr had turned them away not with force, but with almost insane experiments, at often times involving flowers. Ever since her last suitor was found with a bouquet of hydrangea she had spontaneously sprouted out of his nose, Sekrr had earned the title of town Lunatic – an exceptionally derogatory term for Shifters. Instead, the professor took that as a compliment.

Sekrr conducted an experiment with the Feywild once, and the results have left her changed, physically and mentally. She grafted a shard of the Feywild onto her back after her excursion into the plane, and now grows a patch of flowers throughout all seasons.


Sekrr is perhaps one of the more enigmatic shifters the people of Vulyar ever known. Most shifters were dismissed as feral and wild, and even dangerous. The Lycanthrope Inquisition conducted by the Church of the Silver Flame merely served as a flashpoint for people to drive the shifters and their progenitors into the wild.

Sekrr was born and partially raised in the Feywild – also known as Thelanis. But she was quickly ushered out onto Eberron at a young age, her parents entrusting her to the care of a cabal of druids known as the Seal Wardens. Sekrr has since then embraced her new home and more. She was similarly fascination with the thaumaturgic advancements of Eberron and worked to find a way to meld the primal and the arcane. She prides herself as a Natural Thaumaturge, scoffing those who would dare call her a druid with blasts of primal infused arcane blasts.

Sekrr Taeria

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