Mahy Warieve

Expert at transmutational magic.


“The professor? Oh yes I know him. Lovely man. Always saw to it that I was comfortable and sorts before he starts his work. What? Oh no. He is never rough and violent. Except maybe once when he threw a brick in Jimmy’s face. But that rascal deserves it.”

- Met, serving girl at the Sarlitti’s.

Mahy Warieve is a rather portly man who a bright warm smile. His dark skin speaks of his Southern Marches lineage but his Aundarian accent belies his true nationality. Mahy is a professor of Transmutational Studies in Ventas, and occupies a lower seat in the Vulyan Council. He’s an expert in transmutational magic, and has been known to dabble into more exotic ‘alchemical’ methods in order to extract the element known as quicksilver.


Once a student at Arcanix, Mahy found the competitive nature and the aloofness of the students and lecturers stifling. Only two years had past since his enrollment into the prestigious academy when he packed his bags and left for Thrane. The man is reticent about his life in the theocratic nation, but the effects are obvious – his near obsession with the extraction of pure ‘quicksilver’.

Mahy Warieve

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