Cynthia Shade

Level 5, Elf, Ranger


Languages Known:

  • Elven
    • Rellanic (Script)
  • Common
    • Ibari1
    • Argon (barely)

1 Ibari is the script of Common evolved from High Galifar.


Her passion was once for lust now its for war. Once a prostitute in a small town, she lived a peaceful life, until the day marauders came from the north and destroyed everything she loved. Being part of the unlucky ones to be captured, she endured the life of a slave to her captors. The day finally came when she was able to escape and made it away from her enslaved life. She was finally found by a hunter out protecting the borders of his forest. He taught her everything he knew. It gave Cynthia a new purpose and a desire for revenge.

“Her passion for love fails in comparison to her hunger for blood.”

Cynthia Shade

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