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“In he came like a terrible dervish, his blades spinning in a terrible elven grace that almost made murder look nice…”

- Ashton Stormfist, Acolyte of the Sundered Chain, on “The Raging Whirlwind”

Aramil, level 6

Eladrin, Fighter, Orien Swiftblade?

Languages Known:

  • Elven
    • Rellanic (Script)
  • Common
    • Ibari1

1 Ibari is the script of Common evolved from High Galifar.


An Eladrin with the Dragonmark of Passage, caught in a no-man’s land between the Human House Orien and fellow Eladrins.

The first impression of Aramil is that he doesn’t look like a typical Eladrin, the usual air of grace and elegance that clung to other Eladrins was completely missing. Though his physical appearance made it absolutely clear what his heritage was, Aramil’s mannerisms and personality made him appear more “human” in comparison.

Hsving lived most of his life with humans, it was no wonder where he picked up his “human” traits. Besides the humans of House Orien, Aramil never had any meaningful contact with any other group, even fellow Eladrins. Aramil’s parents were never there to start off with, presumeably because they had died in one of the many tragedies of the Last War. In fact, he has no recollection of how he ended up in House Orien, just a scattered mosaic of memories involving different carers and foster parents. It was one of these carers who named him Aramil.

Bearing the Dragonmark of Passage meant Aramil was destined to join the ranks of House Orien, his education was tailored to teach him all the skills needed to become an Orien Courier. Given the different lifespan and aging process, Aramil was taught separately to the human classes. Despite this, he was to caught on quickly and excelled in all his solo exams. But whenever teamwork was involved, Aramil fails to grasp the concept of the sum being greater than its parts.

With the Last War in full swing and House Orien planning a major operation, Aramil was fast-tracked in spite of Aramil’s tendancy to try to solve everything by himself. The higher-ups within House Orien, provided him with a more suitable position for his skills: induction to the House Orien Swiftblades.



  • The Raging Whirlwind


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