Once a perfect jewel representing the pinnacle of human civilisation, Khovaire was fractured and marred by the mortal wounds of war and treachery. The Galifar Empire is no more, and in its place squabble lesser kingdoms, each vying for dominance, hoping to restore a fragment of the unity that has been lost. A century of war ravaged the lands and its people; a century of fighting that sapped the resolve from each nation. And just as the flames of war begun to kindle anew, the gods saw it fit to end it once and for all.

The Day of Mourning; a catastrophic event that engulf an entire nation in an unholy conflagration. Where once stood the Cyrian borders, now roiled restless fogs that confuse and consume those that wander in without heed. Beyond, who can say what preys on the survivors?

- The People of the Game

- Notes about the campaign setting

- Scattered information in the campaign, such as the words of prophecy.


Escape from Alerone

Rules Clarification

Part VIII: Vurgenslye New

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The Forgotten Forge

Chapter 2
The Outskirts of Teryk
Into Cartebu
At Death’s Door
Emerald Claw

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Shadows of Change

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